Tribe Pride

FISD Students Compete in Spring UIL Events

Spring is here and with it UIL Academic competition. FISD students competed in multiple events and did not disappoint. The following students placed in the District UIL Academic Meet:

Thu Mar 23 01:30 PM

Student posed holding the moon
FISD Students Turned Space Explorers

Sixteen GT students visited the Houston Space Center on Friday, Nov. 4. They learned about space missions of the past as well as the upcoming Artemis mission to the moon and plans for a future mission to Mars.

Thu Nov 17 12:16 PM

Banned Books
FISD Seniors Tackle the Topic of Banned Books

Being a teacher creates a unique opportunity to see the development of the minds that will shape tomorrow. Once a student becomes a senior, the reality starts to set in that these young people are moments away from their first leap into adult life. Post-graduation many students will enter into the work force to forge a career path for the first time, many will take their first college classes, many will vote for the first time, but no matter what that first step after graduation may be, all will look back to the guidance they received from parents, teachers, and mentors along the way. In preparation for those moves into adult life, senior English teachers Laura Brownlow and Jenny Kennedy challenged the students to develop projects centered on banned books. Their goal was to challenge the students to develop an opinion and defend it.

Thu Oct 27 01:09 PM

Ag class working outside
Frankston ISD Ag Department Teaches Outside of the Box

As summer draws to a close and fall gets set to take center stage, spending much of your day indoors is less than desirable. FISD Ag teacher Riley Webb felt his students could benefit from a bit of fresh air so he moved the lesson outdoors.

Wed Sep 28 01:23 PM

The affordable connectivity program
The Affordable Connectivity Program

Find out if your household qualifies for savings on your monthly internet bill. Visit the FCC's website for more information. According to the FCC,

Tue Jun 28 05:08 PM