District News

Frankston HS Theater Students Perform Clue Clue

The Frankston High School Theater Department performed two community showings of Clue, High School Edition, over the weekend. The show drew a crowd of roughly 230 viewers over the course of the two-day run. The students hard work was evidenced by the quality of their production. Director Katie Reed pointed out, student actors and production crews are only paid in laughs and applause, and this show paid well.

Every element of the show was student led. Student stage managers and crew organized props and set the stage based on cues from the script. Students ran lights and sound, and of course the cast was composed strictly of student actors. This means that for a show that ran roughly an hour if there was a problem, the students had to resolve it.

Mighty Indian Band Area Marching Contest Band Makes History

On Saturday, October 30, 2021, the Mighty Indian Band brought a historic marching season to a close. Never before has a Frankston band advanced in a UIL marching competition, and this year the Mighty Indian Band has set the bar high for years to come, with a 5th place finish at the Area C Marching Competition. UIL marching competitions are broken into three main settings for high school bands. Bands first have the opportunity to display their talents for judges at a regional level competition. Any band that achieves superior ratings will compete again at the UIL Area Competition. The top three bands from the Area C Marching Contest advanced to the Texas State Marching competition.

Sixth-Grade Scientists Experiment Sixth-Grade Scientists Experiment

This week students in Ms. Jeane’s sixth grade Science Class were challenged to explore what they are learning with a hands-on lab to help them visualize the concept of density.  Students are learning how to calculate density using the formula mass divided by volume equals density.  During their experiment our Sixth-Grade scientist measured specific volumes of water in a graduated cylinder.  They weighed the water once it had been precisely measured.  Armed with their findings, students created a chart that showed the correlation between the increasing volumes and the weight of the water.

CTE Class Explores the Brain! CTE Class Explores the Brain

The Healthcare Therapeutic program of study introduces students to occupations and educational opportunities related to diagnosing and treating acute, episodic, or chronic illness independently or as part of a healthcare team. Student’s in FISD’s CTE class, Principles of Nursing, have the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of nursing, and the medical field as a whole. 

COVID-19 Dashboard covid 19

This dashboard will provide information for parents on active FISD COVID-19 cases.  There is also a link to the State Health Services website for additional information about COVID-19 cases in Texas schools.  Dates on this page indicate at least one active case was reported to the campus and represent one parent notification letter.