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FISD would like to posthumously recognize Mr. T.L. Beard and Mrs. Ruth Tindel for their nomination and induction to the FISD Wall of Honor.  Started in 2015, the Wall of Honor recognizes members of our community for their exceptional achievement in their chosen field, exceptional community service, or outstanding contribution to the Frankston Independent School District.

Ruth Tindel

Ruth Tindel

FISD Employee 1985-2012

Service to the Frankston Community

Born on November 19, 1936, as one of eleven children Ruth Tindel is described by those who knew her best as a woman with a heart for people.  Mrs. Tindel, who was born in Chandler, TX eventually settled with her family in Frankston after her husband, Joe Tindel, purchased the weekly paper, The Frankston Citizen.  Once settled Mrs. Tindel became an integral part of the Frankston community. 

She was an active member of Frankston United Methodist Church where she attended Sunday services and assisted with the church youth department.  Mrs. Tindel is remembered as playing a crucial role in bringing a doctor to Frankston through her work with the Frankston Medical Association, a non-profit group, and Austin Clinic.  In response to the work done by Mrs. Tindel and the Frankston Medical Association (FMA), Frankston Lions Club recognized FMA as citizen of the year.

Mrs. Tindel took a position at FISD as the tax accessor/collector and wore many hats.  During her time with the school, she handled the difficult job of collecting taxes in a humble and gracious manner.  Her heart for people helped her through difficult situations as she always had what was best for the school and community member in mind.  Among her many hats at the school Mrs. Tindel worked on PEIMS, payroll, employee insurance, as well as assisting the superintendent and business manager in budget preparations.  Former Superintendent Austin Thacker recall Mrs. Tindel as playing a “vital role in the budget process,” and being a “caring and committed member of the community.”

On August 11, 2019, Ruth Tindel passed away at the age of 82.  Mrs. Tindel is remembered as a caring wife, loving mother and grandmother, and advocate for her community.

T.L. Beard

T.L. Beard

1941 Frankston Graduate

Awarded Purple Heart WWII/Service to Community

Born March 30, 1923, Frankston native T.L. Beard lived an extraordinary life.  The son of a farmer and eldest of eight children, Mr. Beard had a love for education at an early age.  However, when he graduated in 1941 the possibility of higher education was off the table as he was drafted into the service along with many of his contemporaries.  After completing basic training Mr. Beard was assigned to the Army Air Corps where he worked in communications on B-29 bombers.

On one mission while on the way to Poland Mr. Beard’s bomber was shot down.  The crew managed to land over Yugoslavia where they were rescued.  As a result of the mission, Mr. Beard was awarded the Purple Heart.

After his time in the service came to an end, Mr. Beard went to work in the pipeline industry until his retirement.  Mr. Beard traveled the world building pipelines.  Eventually he returned stateside to work on pipelines in the Gulf.  This allowed him to provide work to many Frankston residents with a much higher earning potential than the median earnings of Anderson County, some of whom continued to work for him when he moved to working on the Alaskan Pipeline.

At the age of 60 and after working his way up to Executive Vice President of his company, Mr. Beard retired to his much-loved hometown of Frankston, TX.  In his retirement he served as County Commissioner of Precinct 3.  He saw it as his duty to make sure the county government in Palestine equally served the citizens of Frankston and focused on ensuring bus routes had safe roads on all their rural routes.

On October 20, 2007, Mr. Beard passed away.  He is remembered as a man who loved his family, a patriot that loved his country, and a son of Frankston who always had a heart for his hometown, no matter how far his travels took him.

FISD is proud to remember Mr. Beard and Mrs. Tindel on the Frankston ISD Wall of Honor for their service and commitment to the Frankston community.

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