2021 Athletic Renovations Proposal

Athletics Renovations



2021 Athletic Renovations Proposal Information

Proposed Athletic Renovations (Approximate Cost)

Football Turf Field/Brock Field System: $1,200,000

Track Resurface Project: $150,000

Bleachers with Pressbox (Flip Visitor to Home): $400,000

Ticket Booth/Restroom: $87,000

Parking Lot: $300,000

Baseball/Softball Turf: $1,550,000

  • Includes shortening backstop on baseball field & R panel fencing for both fields.

All maintenance equipment & training: Free, provided in bid.

Turf Warranty: 10 years

Total (Approximate Cost): $3,687,000


Total Project cost: $3,500,000- $3,800,000

Amount to be financed: $2,500,000- $2,800,000

Fund balance: $1,000,000 as a down payment

Finance charge(current rates): 1.5 % -2.5 %

Yearly payments: $225,000 -$234,000

First payment due date: February 15, 2022

We will go out on bid for the best financing available.


Turf Replacement Cost:

Football Field 10-12yrs: $480,000

Baseball Field 12-15yrs (avg. 15yrs): $550,000

Softball Field 12-15yrs (avg. 15yrs: $220,000


Renovations that will need to happen in the next year(s):

All items listed as stand-alone projects and could have higher bid price.

Track Resurface: $150,000- $175,000

Visitor Bleacher Replacement (wood to metal): $350,000- $550,000

Visitor Restroom/Concession Renovation: $100,000

Recrowning football field (drainage/dirt work): $112,722

Reconstruction of the baseball field (drainage/dirt work): $598,502

Windscreens Baseball/Softball: $40,000 - $60,000


Cost Saving:

Cost Savings per year (conservative savings estimates): $49,265+

Field Maintenance/Water: $15,500/$3,200

Labor: $25,065

Supplies: $5,500

Savings over the life of the project: 15 years /$738,975+


Possible Revenues:

Advertising: $20,000+

Football: Field rentals $3,000

Baseball/Softball: Field rentals $1,000 per game or a series setup $2,400


Extra Information:

*This is not a bond. We will be financing through a Maintenance Tax Note.

*The payment will not affect our Debt Service Payment.

*Each year, the note payment will be made from our General Operating Budget funded from State & Local funds.

*These improvements will not raise the tax rate.

*Project timeline:  March 2021- December 2021

                     Football field to be completed by August 1, 2021.

*Gate/Playoff game funds will go into the General Operating Budget Revenue, as it has in the past. These funds will not cover the yearly note payment but would contribute to the yearly note payment.

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