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Home Workout

 As we move forward through these next few weeks we wanted to send out some workouts for you to do at home so you don’t regress too much from the gains you have made through our Weight and Conditioning Program.  Just like we discuss all of the time, we have to be able to adjust to anything that is unexpected and try to move forward the best way we can.  Please continue to be safe and we hope to see everyone of you sooner rather than later.


   Frankston Coaching Staff

Body weight workout

Air Squats
Split Squats
Push ups
Chair dips
Lunge Matrix (Forward, side, reverse on each leg)
Sky Rockets
*reps start at 5 reps each exercise, or junior high athletes 8, high school athletes 10-12. Repeat for 4 rounds to start, then increase to as many as you can handle.

T/Th (pick 1 or 2 from the categories below)

Plyos - broad jumps, broad jumps for speed and distance, broad jumps for height and distance. Side jumps R/L, 1 leg hops for speed, 1 leg for height.

Sprints- depending on the distance you have available.
5-10 yard
5-20 yard
5-40 yard
You can add 60’s and 100’s if space is available.

Change of Direction- depending on space
5-10-5 pro-agility
5-5-10 or 10-10-20: sprint backpedal sprint, sprint left shuffle sprint, sprint right shuffle sprint, shuffle shuffle sprint.
Can add star drill or L drill if cones are available.

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