Professional Learning Badge Program

FISD Employee Badge Program

Digital Learning Badge Program

Frankston ISD Technology Department is pleased to bring you an exciting professional development opportunity like never before! The new Employee Badge Program will allow us to experience relevant and timely professional learning challenges. The goal of our badge program is to promote the use of effective technology resources across the district to better serve FISD students.  Employees will also be earning professional development hours and prizes!

How Does it Work?

  • Use the link below to access the FISD Badge site 
  • Chose any badge then prepare and complete the required lesson or activity 
  • Submit the requested evidence and you earn the badge 

As you acquire badges along with new technology skills, your total badges awarded accumulate to earn prizes. (For your use as long as you are a district employee)

Each badge is worth a pre-determined number of points.  These points will also be calculated EVERY MONTH and the 1st and 2nd place winners from each campus will receive a SPECIAL reward.   Use the links below to access/join the Digital Learning Badge program, request training on badge topics, or submit a suggestion for a new badge. 



Prize Levels

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
5 Badges 10 Badges 15 Badges
(including 2 with 3 points per)
Wireless Mouse OR
Classroom Stool
Kindle Fire Tablet OR
Wireless Eggspert
2nd Kindle Fire OR 
Wireless Eggspert
wireless mouse    Stool




MONTHLY Campus Level Rewards

1st Place Points Winner 2nd Place Points Winner
Jeans for 1 Month OR
Preferential Parking
Preferential Parking for 1 Month or
Jeans for 1 Month