Health Services

Amy Porter, LVN
School Nurse
Michelle Prater, LVN
School Nurse

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  • Medication
    FISD Medication Policy
    All medications should be brought to and maintained in the clinic, the only exceptions are epipens and rescue inhalers for grades 7-12, a medication consent form needs be completed and turned into the clinic for ALL medications.

    If your child needs over the counter meds occasionally, send a small unopened bottle in its original container to the clinic and complete a medication consent form.

    Medication consent form (link to form)

  • Immunizations

    Immunizations may be obtained through your personal physician or at the following locations:

  • Anderson County Department of State Health Services100 W. Brazos Palestine, TX Phone: (903) 729-1116
    Every Tuesday of each week for the 1st four weeks of each month, nominal fee
  • Smith County North East Texas Public Health District
    315 N. Broadway Tyler, TX 75702 Phone: (903) 535-0060
    Open M-Th, nominal fee


  • Henderson County Department of State Health Services
    708 E. Corsicana Street
    Athens, Texas 75751     (903) 675-7742
    Call for times and fees
  • Reminders
    Notify  school nurse of any medical condition or change in condition of your child.

    All students going home due to illness should first be seen in the clinic where 
        they will be assessed and parents will be notified as needed; including those who have 
        called or text messaged their parent on their own.

    Refer to  FISD student handbook for additional health information and regulations.

    FISD meets state requirements for restricting access to vending machines.
    FISD adheres to state requirements to ensure students engage in physical activity.

  • SHAC (School Health Advisory Committee)

    • All schools districts are required to have a School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) to advise their local administration and school board about health concerns.  

    • SHAC’s provide the most effective ways for schools to interact with the local community on school health issues and serve as an advocate to promote nutrition and physical activity.

    •  Recent educational programs such as AIM for Success, Nutritional Monitoring and Fitness Grams are the direct result of our FISD SHAC.

    •  FISD SHAC meets annually in August in preparation for the new school year and meets 4 times during the school year.

    •  Any parent/guardian having any questions or interested in serving on the SHAC board, please contact Amy Porter, LVN, FISD School Nurse.

  • FISD Wellness Policy

  • Infections/Contagious Diseases

It's Our Pleasure to Care For Your Children At School!
We make every attempt to be proactive in meeting the health needs of FISD students.

  Adolescent Depression  

Adolescent depression is a disorder that affects teenagers. It leads to sadness, discouragement, and a loss of self-worth and interest in their usual activities.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Depression can be a response to many situations and stresses. In teenagers, depressed mood is common because of:

·   The normal process of maturing and the stress that occurs with it

·   The influence of sex hormones

·   Independence conflicts with parents

It may also be a reaction to a disturbing event, such as:

·   The death of a friend or relative

·   A breakup with a boyfriend or girlfriend

·   Failure at school

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  • FISD Adheres to State Requirements to ensure students engage in physical activity
  • FISD Meets State Requirements for restricting access to vending machines